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Cheryl Hopkins  May 16, 2019  We ran into a long-time dog trainer on our hike and she complimented us on what a special dog Alfie was. She said he came from good bloodlines - he's so confident, sensitive to other dogs. She was so surprised he was under 10 months old as he was so respectful to her 2 old dogs. We get a lot of compliments on his nature and his beauty.

We got a male puppy from Liberty Mini Poodles who is now 6 months old and we are over the moon with happiness! Alfie is very smart, attentive and very easy to train. He is very well mannered and is not a barky pup at all. I believe being raised in a happy home environment has a lot to do with his loving, easy going personality.

Judy, the breeder, does any amazing job of raising her pups. She was awesome to work with in getting our sweet boy and she met us in Portland so we could bring him home to Canada without having to fly him. She matched us up with the perfect pup. Alfie is a beautiful apricot with reddish tips on his ears, mouth and eyes and we are told a lot what a beautiful poodle he is. Thank you Judy from the bottom of our hearts!

Cheryl Hopkins   February 4, 2019

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